Appointment Scheduling
1. I missed the sign-up deadline - if the teachers are not booked up, can I still schedule appointments.
Since every school has different rules, you would have to contact your school and ask them.

2. What is the swap button?
The swap button allows you to swap a current meeting for a meeting with a different teacher or the same teacher at a different time. If you click the \"swap\" link and do not find a preferred appointment, click \"cancel swap\" and you will keep the original appointment.

3. My home school comes up wrong
Contact your school and let them know.

4. What if the teacher is a certain teacher is not available on the conference day?
The administrator at your school has marked that teacher absent and no meetings with them can be scheduled.

5. How do I go about scheduling an elective class conference if the elective is in a designated core area?
There are several teachers that teach both core and elective classes. Due to the limited number of appointments these teachers are only available for core class appointments.

6. If I already registered for a core class conference, how can I add an\r\nelective class?
Elective class appointments are made the same way as core class appointments. If you are not able to select elective departments and teachers, your school might allow walk-in or unscheduled appointments for electives. You will have to contact your specific school for more details.

7. Why is there limitation in making appointments?
Schools limit the number of appointments based on the total number of possible appointments and total number of parents. The goal is to give as many parents as possible the opportunity to meet with their child's teachers. Since these numbers are set by school administrators you would have to contact your specific school for more details.

8. How many appointments can I make?
The maximum number of appointments that can be made is set by school administrators. You can check these numbers by logging in and looking on the right side of the \"Conference Scheduler\" page. See the image below.

9. When does the does the scheduler open?
Click the \"Check Sched. Dates\" link at the top of the page. This will display a list of Conferences and their associated scheduling dates.

10. Why can't I make an appointment?
More than likely, the appointment scheduler is closed. Click the \"Check Sched. Dates\" tab at the top of the page. This will display a list of Conferences and their associated scheduling dates.

1. What day are my school's Parent/Teacher Conferences?
Click the \"Check Sched. Dates\" tab. A pop-up window will open listing the conference dates and appointment sign up open and close times. See image below.

2. Who do I contact if I am having difficulty using the web site?
Consult the Tutorials and FAQs pages. If you continue to have difficulty contact your school.

Your Account
1. How do I change my email address?
Click the \"My Account\" tab and change your email there.

2. What do you do if you forgot the old password?
Click the \"forgot password\" link and the system will send it to you via email

3. They say they can't find my child in the database.
1. Check and make sure your spouse did not already register and add your child. A child can only be added to one account.\r\n2. Make sure the last and first names are spelled correctly.\r\n3. If your are still not able to add the child contact your school.

4. Can I set up an account prior to registration being opened?
Yes, this is recommended. Creating an account and adding your children prior to the Scheduling Opening date will allow you to start scheduling as soon as the scheduling window opens. Waiting to the last moment to create an account may allow other users to begin scheduling appointments ahead of you.

5. What if I never received a confirmation email?
1. You may have entered in your email address incorrectly. Try creating another account with the same email address.\r\n2. Your email service provider may be transferring the emails to the Spam folder.

TeacherReacher® is a user-friendly web application that allows school districts to move away from the old Parent/Teacher Conference method of scheduling appointments. In the past, parents were required to phone the school and book appointments through guidance counselors and secretaries. We offer a simple solution that allows parents to use a web based interface to create an online account and make appointments with your school teaching staff.

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